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 EU Dev Chat - 01/11/07

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PostSubject: EU Dev Chat - 01/11/07   Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:42 pm

<Amrac> Welcome to the European IRC dev chat!
<Amrac> For the next hour you have your chance to get answers to all your questions concerning LotRO directly from the developers. Please send your questions (preferably in English) to our team-members, who are marked with a + in front of their name.
<Amrac> We’ll forward your questions to the devs and they will answer as many questions as possible here in the channel.

<Satine> Good evening everyone and welcome to this month's European Dev chat! Our third, free and huge content update, Book 11: the Defenders of Eriador was released just last week so there is plenty to talk about. If you have questions regarding the new Housing system, The Rift or Gollum then get them ready.
<Satine> Finally, just before we get started, I wanted to repeat the fantastic news of LOTRO's success at the Golden Joysticks last Friday. It took the title for PC Game of the Year! We're all extremely delighted and wanted to re-iterate our thanks to all of you for voting for it Smile
<Satine> Ok, let's get down to business. With us tonight from Turbine we have the following people:

<LOTRO_Patience> Hi everyone! I'm Meghan "Patience" Rodberg, community manager at Turbine. Thanks for coming tonight, and thanks to our hosts. Smile
<Scenario> Evening all! My name is Matt "Scenario" Elliott, Lead Worldbuilder for LOTRO. The World team is responsible for landscape and dungeon development. We sculpt the terrain, construct the dungeons and make hyper-aggressive deer that bound about knocking people off their mounts.
<Orion-Turbine> Hello, my name is Allan "Orion" Maki, primarily I handle things in the Ettenmoors - monster play - but every once in a while they let me out to do things like Goblin-town. I'm a senior designer and work on the content team, though I dabble in some systems...much to DangerDan's and Tens' chagrin! Happy to be here.
<Amlug> "Why fight me? I'm the Keeper of Instances!" Hi, I'm Jared 'Amlug' Hall-Dugas and a content designer. I make the big instances, raids, and Orion's lunch every day. I can answer questions on any of the above.
<DangerDan> Hi there! I'm Danger Dan and I work on monster and class design. Recently I helped design the new LotRO Housing system.
<Satine> And I'm Sam "Satine" Russell, the Senior Community Manager for LOTRO Europe!

<Tharmar> last book you have introduced housing and its quite good but are there plans to improve it in the next book? like adding tables which allow placing tables around it ore put some deco on some furniture for example dishes and mugs?
<DangerDan> Tharmar, we have several Housing improvements in the works. In Book 12 we're looking to add support for rotating decorations. Also, we're adding more trophy decorations--even some that you can only get by defeating certain bosses. With that you'll be able to show off your accomplishments to the world.

<Nordornir> [Content] will book12 introduce more sessionplay? if so, any hints whats coming?
<Orion-Turbine> There are no new sessions planned for Book 12. I can tell you this though, we are really pleased with how they have been received (at least with the chickens) and are looking forwarding to adding more session play to the game as time allows.

<Flushie> I would like to know, now that tailors can make different types of armors for every race, are there any plans to make casual clothing for all the 4 races? I don't want to wear armor in my home.
<LOTRO_Patience> Dan's typing Razz
<DangerDan> It's funny you should ask! In Book 12 we are planning to offer a number of options for cosmetic outfits. If you like a hat or robe, but don't like the stats, you would be able to display that hat but really wear another for their bonuses. That and a few other cosmetic options are coming along.

<iudex> Are there any other ways to get the new book 11 armor and weapon other than in "The RIFT" ?
<Amlug> no, iudex, the Rift is the only place to get the new armor and weapons. There will be other sets coming in other updates, I am sure.\

<Tharmar> whats about crafting in homes? any plans to introduce crafting stations in the house? maybe player made?
<Scenario> For our initial housing release, we wanted to be careful about the potential impact the system could have to our already existing (and flourishing) social centers. Adding too many features from towns into neighborhoods risks depopulating our towns.
<Scenario> Going forward, we are not ruling out crafting as a feature of housing but we prefer to investigate alternate incentives for visiting housing before pulling in existing system.

<Indigoo> Hi, can you tell us some info about Book 12? Like the upcoming Burglar, Guardian changes? New zones etc?
<Scenario> Regarding new zones, we are not planning any new landscape additions. We will be aiding the content team in a region-wide polish pass on Angmar. The World team is also heavily into the development of our next new landscape region, but that region will not be available for Book 12.
<LOTRO_Patience> Our classes guy isn't here to answer the rest, unfortunately, but look for dev diaries in the coming weeks that will detail the changes to the Burglar and Guardian Smile

<Nordornir> [equipment]are there plans to add options for costumizing horses any further than thier color (for instance armor or quilts)... like you did with the pets of the loremaster
<Orion-Turbine> We've talked about putting something like this into the game, but thre are no immediate plans to get cosmetic changes in for horses at this point in time.

<jimjim> Will the proposed new, dedicated healing, class for monster-players be introduced in book 12?
<Orion-Turbine> Book 12 will not see the inclusion of the new healer-type class for monster players. Instead, the focus is on getting some new racial abilities into the game specifically for the monster players and addressing some bugs. The class is being worked on but will not be included until a later book. Right now, the focus of the new class is on healing and some other fun bits!

<mirielwen> is book 12 another free content update?
<Satine> Yes mirielwen, Book 12 will be our fourth free content update! Smile

<iudex> Are there any new rewards in ettenmoor chests since book 11 or will there be anything new in near future ?
<Orion-Turbine> So...you see in that previous answer where I said that Book 12 was focusing on monster players? I lied! We are also focusing on players as well. There are new armor sets being introduced for all player classes, new weapons sets, new jewelry sets and new potions and items! These are all tied very closely to the new area of the Ettenmoors currently dubbed: The Delving of Frór.
<Orion-Turbine> Nothing new in the chests, but there are a host of new goodies that will be available for players to get that are geared more toward those interested in playing the PvMP side of the game.

<Ricm> Will the new level be availaible with Book 12? If so, what will be the max? (L60 or more)
<Scenario> We currently have no plans to increase our level cap in the immediate future.
<Scenario> Typically, level cap increases via Expansion Packs. We don't have any specific information available to discuss regarding the level cap at this time, however. Smile

<Tharmar> in last dev chat you have mentiond pets and many of us wonder why they are loremaster-only? i would realy like to have a dog protecting me kinship hall
<DangerDan> I love dogs. More than cats. But that's just me. We aren't planning to add house pets in Book 12, but there are a lot of people here who like pets... I think that it will get looked at for the future.
<Amlug> I like cats myself
<Satine> Me too!

<PinkSheep> In what direction will the devs change the burglar class in the month of the burglar?
<DangerDan> Burglars are a very solid class with a lot of diversity and flexibility. In the "Month of the Burglar" we're looking to add a bunch of skills enhancing or reinforcing many of those areas. For example, we're going to add "Fellowship Manoeveur" response skills that Burglars can use after their group pulls off a successful FM. Also, we're looking into a skill that would let you take a friend into Stealth with you... with some restrictions.
<DangerDan> Anyway, that's just a few of the things we're adding... but more's coming along.

<Java97780> Are there any plans for new raid or new areas for b12?
<Amlug> java, we have no plans for another raid for Book 12 for PVE, but we are introducing a new raid for the Ettenmoors. As mentioned before, we are not releasing a new area for Book 12, but we have one in the works for Book 13! Smile
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Number of posts : 192
Age : 44
Registration date : 2007-06-12

Race: Elf
Level: 60
Class: Hunter

PostSubject: Re: EU Dev Chat - 01/11/07   Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:42 pm

<Dismandia> I heard there are plans for horses with different speeds and attributes. Is this something being worked on or even considered?
<Satine> In our new Gold Edition box which is launched next week, one of the exclusive items in the box will be a new mount with different stats, yes!

<Anonymous99> Any hint on what region will be added in Book 13?
<Scenario> For the time being, we are staying tight-lipped about our next new region. It is a region that many on the World Team have wanted to develop for a long time now. More information will be available in the months to come.

<MueR> Question: Will the hunter be nerfed again in book 12, to match all other books?
<DangerDan> I am sorry to disappoint you, but no, not this time. Wink
<DangerDan> Hopefully, it won't make you sad to hear that we may... even... improve a few of their skills.

<Dismandia> Is there any more news on how fishing is progressing?
<LOTRO_Patience> FISHING!!!! Yes... my precious...
<LOTRO_Patience> I think we're close to convincing Tens that it should go in, schedule permitting. When that is we can't say, but at this point, it's looking good. Smile

<Aimoss> With the Gold edition can you just buy the game to get upgrades but use your current characters?
<Satine> That's a great question - and one that I don't have the answer to. I will however find out for you! Post it to the forums and I'll respond ASAP Smile

<SubZero_> will the horse from the gold edition box be ridable before lvl35 or will it be as the rest of the horses?
<Satine> The mount included as part of the Gold Edition box will be awarded when players reach level 25.

<FreakyFreddy> Hi, just a little question about those horses in Gold Edition... Will have "normal" players the chance of getting those horses too?
<Satine> The mount in the Gold Edition box is exclusive to that box, so you can only get it by getting the Gold Edition.

<mhbsd|CrazyHawk> will there be a real estate market where can player trade houses?
<DangerDan> No, not at present. We don't want to enable speculation on Housing or people purchasing houses and extorting others for more or real money to transfer it to them.
<DangerDan> We haven't ruled out some safe method in the future, but at the moment we want to be on the safe side.

<Leirah> Concerning the PvMP part of the game. Will we ever see instanced 'close-combat' pvmp? For example 5 freeps who battle for the control of a small area vs 5 equal creeps? Maybe in some tournament kinda way?
<Orion-Turbine> With the Ettenmoors we introduced the concept of an area of the world where players could fight monster players. Heaped in the Ettenmoors are a ton of PvE style bits and not much that drives direct competition. That is going to change in Book 12. The keeps will gain new meaning as they drive access to The Delving of Frór.
<Orion-Turbine> Further, if we add any other areas of PvMP to the world they will likely contain some directed PvMP areas akin to capture the flag, take and hold, protection, and king of the hill style play sans all of the PvE elements.
<Orion-Turbine> That is not to say that more Ettenmoors style PvMP will never be added.
<Orion-Turbine> Again, these are a lot of "ifs"

<Java97780> Dont you think it would be nice to have a sign with owners name out of the house, if the owner of wants?
<Orion-Turbine> I think it would be neat!
<DangerDan> And because Orion likes it...
<DangerDan> Book 12 will add several ways for players to identify the owner of a house and, thus, help people get to know their neighbors.
<DangerDan> For an example: Right now, when you approach a house you see the address. In Book 12 you can also see whose home it is. (Though we will give you an option to not to show your name if you want to be private)

<Ricm> Will Book XIII be a free update content as well ?
<LOTRO_Patience> Yes, Ricm, Book 13 will also be a free content update. Smile

<jimjim> How do you respond to the complaint a lot of players have that diminishing returns on CC works to little or no effect in the ettenmoors?
<Orion-Turbine> Well jimim, I respond by saying that the sliders are in place and now we can alter the variables as needed. Again, we need to data mine and make certain that we are not impacted classes and skills too negatively. Diminishing returns is in...and if it needs to be tweaked, it will. (Personally...I am fighting with Constant about the efficacy!)

<SubZero_> talking about the gold box once more: does "will be awarded" mean the horse is totally free of charge or will it cost some ingame money?
<Satine> The horse is free Smile

<Anonymous99> It seems more and more attention is focussed on PvMP, why that? Personally, I don't like it at all.
<Orion-Turbine> There has been no more or less attention paid to PvMP since we first started working on it during game development. I think the tendendy to believe that we are focusing more on PvMP is multi-fold. One, I am really vocal and active on our forums. Two, the concept of PvP in LotRO has been rather controversial and so bubbles to the top when it is mentioned. All in all, it has received the same level of attention - pretty much - since its inception.
<Orion-Turbine> As always, our focus is still on PvE. Look at it this way...the Creeps are still in the Ettenmoors, the Freeps now have Evendim, Goblin-town 2 raids...etc...

<Jervan> What other features will Gold have? Must be more things than a horse upgrade for me to buy it Very Happy
<Satine> The Gold Edition will contain: 45 days' free game time, the mount as discussed earlier, a welcome mat for your home, five scented candles and a lucky horsehoe!

<Leirah> A lot of mmorpgs have mini-games apart from the usual pve, pvp and crafting and seasonal content. Mini-games where u have to collect certain things on the world, where u have to go out and hunt for treasures, in short something that spans more zones? Will we ever see something similar in lotro?
<Amlug> With our festivals in the past and our planned events in the future, we will continue to support this type of gameplay. We think there is a lot of room to grow here and we continue to come up with ideas and implement mini-games whenever we can. Personally, I'm a huge fan of this and as the Tavern League President, I am eager to see mini-games support continue to grow.

<Agt> Could you shed some light to champions. We've been getting some tanking love in recent patches although I like my champ to be leanmeankillingmachine. How about adding more tricks to the champion toolset also?
<DangerDan> While the Book 12 class changes are primarily about the Guardian and Burglar "Month of"s... but the Champion will see some new skills and updates to existing skills in Book 12. Get excited... they're looking pretty hot.

<Soilentgreen> Book 11 is great, new areas, two classes 'pimped', housing, more than 250 receipes, dx10 support (beta). But why all this stuff at once? Why not first housing and receipes, classes, than the areas? Small steps for a man... Smile
<Amlug> Why give you less when we can give you more?
<LOTRO_Patience> We have a very large team across the company that can focus on multiple areas - for instance most of the DX10 work was done by our Core team, which works mostly on the Turbine engine. Smile
<DangerDan> I'm glad you think so, Soilent. Hopefully there's at least one thing in that big list that everyone will enjoy... and maybe most will find more than one... or all.
<Orion-Turbine> Well...we love our jobs, we love pushing ourselves to our limits and getting out as much as we possibly can to people. For me, Book 11 had more, but we recognized early that we would not get everything in that we wanted too, as it is...we have some bugs that made it through that give us pause and make us even question why we added so much. Does that mean that we'll diminish the amount of content that we add?
<LOTRO_Patience> Each team can focus on specific areas, adding new features, and so on.
<Orion-Turbine> There will be light books, undoubtedly, but we are committed as ever to delivering as much as we possibly can to our players.
<Scenario> Book 11 was certainly an ambitious project for us to undertake. We are excited about delivering new content into the hands of our players - new features, new content, new landscape! That is what we are known for and what we like to deliver. Smile
<Orion-Turbine> Ultimately...we'll try to make more and more and more...!

<Satine> Well I'm afraid that's all we have time for folks. Thanks for all the great questions and if we were unable to answer yours tonight, don't forget that the EU dev chats are held on the last Thursday of every month so be sure to come again next time with your questions!
<Satine> And don't forget, if you or one of your friends fancies trying out LOTRO for free, then grab yourself a copy of our free trial. You can download the client and get yourself a key from http://www.trylotro.com.
<Satine> See you in Middle-earth!

<LOTRO_Patience> Thanks for coming everyone! Smile See you back here next month!
<Orion-Turbine> Thanks for the great questions! We'll see you all again in a month!
<Scenario> Thanks a lot for joining us for the chat and sending in your questions! Have a great evening everyone!
<DangerDan> Thanks for coming out and asking us some great questions. Good night, all.
<Amlug> Farewell, thank you all! Smile See you soon! Thaurlach says hello as well!

<Amrac> Thank you once again for answering so many questions! Smile
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EU Dev Chat - 01/11/07
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