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 EU Dev Chat - 05/10/07

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EU Dev Chat - 05/10/07 Empty
PostSubject: EU Dev Chat - 05/10/07   EU Dev Chat - 05/10/07 Icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2007 6:59 am

Rough and ready:

Quote :
[21:11] <Amrac> <A2theK> when can we expect the next full sized area ( like Evendim) to be added to the game?
[21:12] <Scenario> While Book 12 is not delivering a new region, it is delivering close to it in terms of landscape. We've nearly doubled the size of the Misty Mountains, expanded the Trollshaws, developed new landscape for Angmar and built our new neighborhoods. Our next full new region is still a bit away time wise, but we've already started our development of it. As we get closer to its release we'll definately make sure to announce it.
[21:13] <Amrac> harfkiller: which features will goblin town have?
[21:13] <Orion-Turbine> Goblin-town is meant to be a new hunting area for players roughly level 48+. It features solo and small group content, a new small group based instance where you will face off against the new Great Goblin, maybe even happen upon some of the cooler features of the area. Add to this, spawns in some sections that make the area easier based off of day and night and I think that you might find Goblin-town to be a neat little addition.
[21:14] <Amrac> <Lenwe> Why isn't it possible to kneel as long as someone wants to? Will you change it in future, so that it is freezed until next action?
[21:15] <Tens-Turbine> That's a great questions.
[21:15] <Tens-Turbine> Please feel free to "/bug" that one and we'll look into it.
[21:16] <Tens-Turbine> We should be about to do something about that.
[21:16] <Amrac> <Baldred> Housing: Do the Kinship-Buildings require a Kinship rank to buy? If yes, which?
[21:16] <Tens-Turbine> Yes. Rank 7!
[21:16] <Amrac> (fredol) Hello. Book 10 has seen, and Book 11 will see, major "nerfs" for Burglars in both PvE and PvMP. For Book 12 can we expect some nice surprises, or Sauron rules (Orion... I see you ...)?
[21:17] <Orion-Turbine> Nerfs? Well, since you are targetting me with the statement I can say this. The changes PvMP side are not meant to nerf anyone. Rather, they are being done to help bring the playing field between monster players and players a little closer. To that end, we are adding diminshing returns. This affects not only burglars, but loremasters, minstrels, wargs...etc.
[21:17] <Orion-Turbine> As far as Book 12...we'll talk about that when we get there.
[21:17] <Amrac> wowdan: When will the much needed month of the guardian arrive?
[21:18] <Tens-Turbine> Book 12 will be the Month of the Guardian, Burglar, and Champion (part 2).
[21:18] <Amrac> (Gorgorel) orion, can you explain a bit more about the hatchlings thing for weavers? p.s.: appearance 6 sucks
[21:19] <Orion-Turbine> Hatchlings places an effect on players that counts down. When the count down is finished, little spider hatchlings will jump all over and attempt to slaughter the player and all of their nearby friends.
[21:20] <Tens-Turbine> It is true. Only 1 house per account.
[21:20] <Tens-Turbine> (per server)
[21:20] <Tens-Turbine> Although Kinship Leaders will be able to own both a personal and Kinship house.
[21:21] <Amrac> (Surion) I got a question to the devs: Will there ever be Web and Stun removing potion on the Free Peoples side in Ettenmoors?
[21:21] <Orion-Turbine> We're still talking about this one. The current thought is to hold off on this for a little while. There may be something else that is added to the mix - Book 12 and beyond that gives some of this functionality to Freeps.
[21:22] <Amrac> (Telaran) Currently some Players of specific "gameplay styles" (Raids, Instances, Crafting, etc) discuss about the balancing of the rewards and "comparsion" between the "other gameplay styles". So the question is simple: Do turbine intend to reapprove the "balancing" between the rewards or are the current "feeled difference" as should be.
[21:22] <Constant> We are constantly looking at the itemization balance so that the time you spend gaining items equals out the rewards.
[21:24] <Amrac> <Lenwe>Will the eagle be buffed to be worth called the legendary lore-master pet (and be worth one of the two trait slots)? Especially the flanking status is so much lower than the raven that its hard to use this pet besides for looks and rp reasons.
[21:26] <Constant> We've looked at pet balance a bit during the "Month of the Lore-master" this includes various pets proc rates. Although the Eagle still brings strong CC in the form of Fear and Rez abilities. This combined with the new ability of a Lore-master to Rez out of combat will make for a strong combo.
[21:26] <Amrac> (Baldred) Loremaster: Roheryn-Patchnotes tell us, that only the loremaster will have cosmetic-pets (or critters) - why do all the other players have to be alone? Critters for everyone!
[21:27] <Tens-Turbine> Lore-masters are the only class that will be getting cosmetic pets for the foreseeable future...
[21:27] <Tens-Turbine> ...but you never know if Radagast will change his mind
[21:27] <Amrac> <Nordornir> [on the topic of upcoming content] You mentioned in earlier chats that there will be new areas in misty mountains as well as in the trollshaws, so what is your favourite new "coolest thing" inside those areas ... besides Gollum of course? (multiple answers wellcome )
[21:27] <Scenario> Personally, my favorite developments in our Book 12 landscape additions is the inclusion of more landscape event dynamics. For example, we've developed a new method of delivering rare monsters onto the landscape that we are trying out in High Pass and Tal Bruinen. Also - event based weather in the High Pass, its kind of cool standing around and having a blizzard roll in on you.
[21:28] <Orion-Turbine> I am really happy with the way the Great Goblin's throne worked out. It's small, meant for a small group (2-4) and about a 35-45 minute experience. I just kinda like that.
[21:29] <Amrac> <Backdraft> "I'am quite "try-friendly". Will there be the possibility to buy char slots for an account like shown in Guild Wars or similar games? (I want to stay on one server with all of my chars)"
[21:29] <LOTRO_Saffron> Not at this time, sorry. However, if we ever do decide to implement the purchasing of extra character slots, we will definitely announce it.
[21:30] <Amrac> <Godot> 1. Will furniture slots be move- and rotatable ?
[21:31] <Kurbalin> ^^
[21:32] <Tens-Turbine> Not for Book 11 - but additional control over housing decorations is at the top of our list of "Things to improve on for Housing"
[21:32] <Amrac> Harfkiller: how about the sea when will we see the sea!
[21:32] <Scenario> Our next landscape region will, in fact, have a coastal component to it. That region is a ways out and as we get closer to its launch we'll be sure to make more information available.
[21:33] <Amrac> Gwalchmai: Current rewards for reputation is beside very few items, completely useless. Will this change in bk11 of further out?
[21:33] <Orion-Turbine> We've been talking about this a lot recently and we are hoping to have some nice changes in for Book 12.
[21:34] <Amrac> <Godot> 2. Will there be a mechanism or option, for founding a neighbourhood together with prefered guilds and friends?
[21:35] <Tens-Turbine> Its definitely something we've discussed, although it won't be on the Book 11 bus.
[21:36] <Amrac> PatrikRoy: Will it be possible to include our character stats, inventory and stuffs into a webpage, from a XML or RSS source for exemple ?
[21:36] <Orion-Turbine> This is certainly something that we are researching. No real details on this yet, but getting a way to show off your goods to the world is something that I think we would really like to offer someday.
[21:36] <Amrac> <Tharmar> why dont you let monster speak with free people? especialy on RP servers that would be a great deal! spys are allready there so the voice block doesn't prevent anything
[21:38] <Orion-Turbine> Griefing! Okay, that seems like a really strange answer but the long and the short of it is that if you know someone's name and such there are endless limits of the headaches and pain that you can cause them. It was decided long ago that we would hide statements from one faction to the other.
21:38] <Amrac> Fanrhil: Will it be possible for Hunters or Burglars to apply any poison on their arms?
[21:38] <Tens-Turbine> Sadly, I am confident in saying: Not anytime soon.
[21:39] <Tens-Turbine> Generally speaking, poison is a tool of "The Enemy"
[21:39] <Tens-Turbine> (sadly...)
[21:39] <Amrac> <Initram> Are you planning to add more means for stopping gold sellers? like "ignore account" and "target mail as spam"??
[21:41] <LOTRO_Saffron> We're aware of the gold sellers and their spam. It's an uphill battle that we are constantly waging. We are putting up a few new features that will hopefully help us all out. This will include some /tell features that will limit how much spam that can come from trial accounts.
[21:41] <LOTRO_Saffron> Don't worry, we know it's annoying and will be constantly working to deal with this issue.
[21:41] <Amrac> <Mairedar> Considering Minstrel and Loremaster are in most also a range cast. Is there any indication those 2 classes might get a range ability to join conjunctions too?
[21:42] <Constant> They do power and healing conjunctions can be done at range.
[21:42] <Tens-Turbine> Er, yeah...
[21:42] <Constant> Yeah, commas are fun.
[21:42] <Tens-Turbine> Ah
[21:43] <Amrac> <SCRUFFO> when will gondor be here or is that years off coming?
[21:43] <Tens-Turbine> Book 12
[21:43] <Tens-Turbine> (jk)
[21:44] <Scenario> Gondor is a good ways off. We have our stories to wrap up in Eriador and then there is all that ground to cover between here and there before we even get to Gondor.
[21:44] * Scenario hates Tens
[21:44] * LOTRO_Saffron glares at Tens
[21:44] <Satine_CM> O.O
[21:44] * Orion-Turbine shakes his head in shame.
[21:44] <Scenario> Sure... he takes forever typing on his own questions... but BLAM! Like that on someone elses!
[21:44] <Tens-Turbine> Its a gift
[21:46] <Amrac> Gwalchmai: You have added rank 8 for kinships, only change I can figure is the amount of persons allowed in kinship moves from 1200 to 1300. Was that the best reward you could come up with?
[21:47] <Tens-Turbine> Yes.
[21:47] <Tens-Turbine> We had our best men on it for 3 months...
[21:48] <Tens-Turbine> (I think we need better men.)
[21:48] <Tens-Turbine>
[21:48] * LOTRO_Saffron has no idea what Tens is thinking.
[21:48] <Tens-Turbine> (Rank 7 does get you a Kinship House)
[21:49] <Tens-Turbine> (I guess we could make it 8, if you really want...)
[21:49] <Tens-Turbine> (ok, I'm rambling now... I'll stop)
[21:49] <Amrac> <Eletrin|UK|LOTR> Even though this is distant future type of question, will the guardian class be modified in anyway in relation to pvp?)
[21:50] <Orion-Turbine> This is something that I hope to work closely with the guys handling the month of the Guardian. I do want to try to find more ways to include the guardian in pvMP.
[21:51] <Amrac> <smith> Are there any plans to add european Test-/Preview-Servers like Isengard (invite only + NDA) and Roheryn (Preview)? There are always lots of translation/localisation-related bugs missed by QA and no way to find them... until release...
[21:51] <Satine_CM> Well we get to add people from the EU to the Isengard programme regularly so we'll be doing that for sure!
[21:51] <Satine_CM> That's the earliest stage of any public involvement so the guys on there get their feedback in really early. As for a preview/test server, we're currently evaluating the possibility of it, so if we have anything confirmed I'll be sure to let you know.
[21:52] <Amrac> Fanrhil: Is the damage dealt by the Gurdian planned to be increased?
[21:54] <Constant> Yes, but in a way that has him making a bit of a lateral move to do it. In addition to all the cool stuff he can already do, we'll give him another option to explore in this vein.
[21:54] <Amrac> (meca) when will we get more 24 man content ?
[21:54] <Orion-Turbine> We're in the process of evaluating raids and seeing if we can make them friendlier to smaller groups of people. For the future, it is highly likely that we will focus on smaller 12-man style raids with the possibility of bridgin 18-man and fewer 24-man raids. None of this is etched in stone and is likely to change.
[21:55] <Amrac> (Gorgorel) What do you have in mind for the older monsters out there? Rank 7 and above has nothing to offer at the moment, just huuuuuuuuge steps between the ranks
[21:55] <Orion-Turbine> Book 12 will see some really nice additions for both monsters and players. We are planning on new skills for monsters extending to Rank 11, new items for players, new persistent items for monster players, new corruptions. Oh...sets for players, lots and lots of new stuff for PvMP in Book12.
[21:57] <Amrac> CoCCo: Minstrels: Will the minstrels offensive skills be upgraded so they will be able to solo a bit faster/effective?
[21:57] <Constant> The future will soon be now.
[21:58] <Amrac> <valandir> My Question: In the US-Version of the Game, some Helegrod-Quests are repeatable -or is it just a rumour? If not, when will we also can get more of Scrolls, Fire-Mitigathen-Potions and so on. Greetz Valandir
[21:58] <Orion-Turbine> There are no repeatable quests there, though there was an issue with some of the timers involved that made it seems this way. Nothing repeatable though.
[22:01] <Amrac> We only have time for one more question, so please send us your best questions, which haven't been answered yet, now!
[22:01] <Amrac> Wir haben nur noch Zeit für eine weitere Frage. Also, wenn ihr noch eine gute Frage habt, schickt sie uns bitte jetzt
[22:02] <Tens-Turbine> What if I just start talking about fishing?
[22:02] <Amrac> Oh NOOOOOOOOOO
[22:02] <Tens-Turbine> Wait! I have real information this time though...
[22:03] * Orion-Turbine gags Tens!
[22:03] <Tens-Turbine> Two words:
[22:03] <Tens-Turbine> Book 13
[22:03] <Satine_CM>
[22:03] <Tens-Turbine> (that's all I'll say)
[22:03] * LOTRO_Saffron does a dance of joy!
[22:03] <Scenario> Right along with Gondor... *rolls eyes*
[22:03] <Constant> Thanks everyone!
[22:03] <Scenario> Thanks for coming out to the chat all! There were some great questions tonight - and a great variety of topics! By the way - my answer back up the way about my favorite landscape features was in reference to Book 11, not Book 12, sorry for any confusion.
[22:03] <Orion-Turbine> Thanks for coming folks. Looking forward to the next chat!
[22:03] <Amrac> But Patience isn't here, you can't announce fishing without Patience!
[22:03] <Satine_CM> Well I'm afraid that's all we have time for folks. Thanks for all the great questions and if we were unable to answer yours
[22:03] <Satine_CM> tonight, don't forget that the EU dev chats are held on the last Thursday of every month so be sure to come again next time
[22:03] <Satine_CM> with your questions!
[22:04] <LOTRO_Saffron> Thanks for coming tonight! It was fun and we look forward to seeing your questions next time!
[22:04] <Satine_CM> In the meantime, join in the discussions on the LOTRO forums here:
[22:04] <Satine_CM> forumdisplay.php?f=417
[22:04] <Satine_CM> Goodnight!


- Bk12 will be Guardian, Burglar and Champion focussed
- KS house will need KS rank 7
- Bk11 will have 48+ content and have some small fellowship quests (like Great Goblin's Throne)

I'll add more as it comes out Smile
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EU Dev Chat - 05/10/07 Empty
PostSubject: Re: EU Dev Chat - 05/10/07   EU Dev Chat - 05/10/07 Icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2007 12:13 pm

SWEETNESS!! book 12 now now now, then i can b a champion again Smile

and fishing in book 13 o.0 cool!

and i saw u gwalch Razz
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EU Dev Chat - 05/10/07
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