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 EU Dev Chat - 27/02/07

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EU Dev Chat - 27/02/07 Empty
PostSubject: EU Dev Chat - 27/02/07   EU Dev Chat - 27/02/07 Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 2:56 am

Chat log available from http://www.lotrolife.com/dev_chat_27_2_08/

- no new raids in Bk13, but will have some 6-person instances for the Bk13 story.

- change to vault (escrow from vault and not initial dialogue - thanks G Wink)

- no longer will you lose your house if you fail to pay the upkeep; it'll be locked until you pay. Escrow will be used for abandoned houses.

- Bk 13's new area is larger than Evendim, and snowier - more info in the Dev Dairies coming soon...

- Orc Defiler (Creep Healer) coming in Bk13
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EU Dev Chat - 27/02/07
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