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 Application from Zill

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Application from Zill Empty
PostSubject: Application from Zill   Application from Zill Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2007 1:03 am

Hi guys posting up a quick application for your Kinship ^^

I think you already got an application from my 2 friends Melonna and Harralin.

I am Zill a level 50 Dwarf Champion. I chose the armsman profession as i think it best suits my class, currently tryin to get to master teir.
I play roughly 20+ hour a week, somtimes more or less depending on work, traning or social stuff. In the real world i'm 24 and living in South West England.

The last kinship i was in failed due to inactivity from other player and I'm currently looking, along with Harralin and Melonna, to find a more active kinship with high level players.
Hope you'll consider me for your kinship ^^
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Application from Zill
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