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 Application for Nalkalaz Grimheart, Loremaster

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Application for Nalkalaz Grimheart, Loremaster Empty
PostSubject: Application for Nalkalaz Grimheart, Loremaster   Application for Nalkalaz Grimheart, Loremaster Icon_minitimeSun Sep 02, 2007 12:39 am

You want to join Midgard Elites?

If you are considering joining us, you can either write some words about yourself by starting a new topic, and write some info about yourself and your character. The typical question you will be asked is:

- What class is your character?

- What profession did you choose in the game?

- What level are you right now?

- How many hours do you, roughly guessed, play a week?

- Where are you from, and what is your age?
Originally from North-East Lincolnshire, now living in Liverpool, age 30

- Why would you like to join a kinship?
As I have now hit lvl 50 it has become apparent that I need to belong to a larger, more active guild if I am going to progress my character any further.

- Why choose Midgard Elites?
You were recommended by two of my (ex)Kinsmen as an organized and progressive Kin, who were fully active in raid instances. As this outlook matches my own goals in the game I decided to chance my arm and submit an application.
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Application for Nalkalaz Grimheart, Loremaster
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