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PostSubject: Enethil - App   Enethil - App Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2007 12:44 am

scratch Okay where to start....
My main char is a guardian with armour smith profession. He's lvl 44 at the moment and I play roughly 25 hrs a week. (6pm onwards mon - fri, sat + sun when i'm needed)

I'm 20, from Preston, England and just feel that since I first played alot of my friends who I started lotro with have lost interest. Joining a kinship would allow me to get more enjoyment out of LOTRO. LOTRO effectively turned into a solo game for me and having the community that comes with a kinship will keep me interested for alot longer.

I chose Midgard Elites mainly because one of the people i first played LOTRO with is already a member. They already enjoy being in the kinship and since good kinships are hard to find, (even after sifting through the random invites) Midgar Elites looks like a good choice.

Probs not the best application your going to get but it took me about 15mins to write.
(Yes I had help too.) Rolling Eyes
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Enethil - App
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