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PostSubject: dream   dream Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2007 7:02 pm

Good day members of midgard

I play a level 50 minstrel named dream and would like to join your guild.

dream is a tinker with pritty good gear for her lvl - 128 might ,116 agi,449 will,307 fate,2075 hp,3065 power unbuffed in the gear i use for healing

Stuff about me!
i have been playing mmos for alittle under 5 years iam 22 english lad from leamington spa i use vent and ts2 and have experance in raid guilds from wow and eq2.iam fairly elitest but easy to get along with and happy to help inexperanced gamers when i have free time.

why midgard u ask?
the reason i want to join you guys is becuase atm i am in a small guild made by some friends who came over from wow but most of them have stoped playing thx to the new emu from swg or have gone inactive, i want to be in a raiding guild i play 10/12 hours a day and enjoy challangeing instances and large scale pvp the most .

have raided with you guys twice so far and thort your raid was well lead and went pritty smoothly, to me midgard seems a createive fast growing guild that will soon be able to raid on its own and iam sure will progress when CM brings out harder instances.
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