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Midgard Inhabitor

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PostSubject: Alurian   Alurian Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2007 1:01 am

- What class is you character?

- What profession did you choose in the game?
Armourer (but got Grandmaster Scholar alt)

- What level are you right now?
44 (alt on 50)

- How many hours do you, roughly guessed, play a week?

- Where are you from, and what is your age?
Germany, 25

- Why would you like to join a kinship?
Because i want to do some serious raiding and have some fun grouped up with the same people so you get to know their styles of playing and stuff.

- Why choose Midgard Elites?
Because there are some of my former kinship-mates (Zilos and Kolgan) in here and i got told that there will be some serious raiding action in the future... Smile
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