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 Arcrow level 42+ Hunter

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Midgard Inhabitor

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Arcrow level 42+ Hunter Empty
PostSubject: Arcrow level 42+ Hunter   Arcrow level 42+ Hunter Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2007 4:08 am

Application for Midgard Elites

- Character Name: Arcrow
- Gender: Male
- Age: 22
- Country: Denmark
- Class: Hunter
- level: 42
- Profession: Woodsman
- Played: 3 weeks
- How many hours do you, roughly guessed, play a week: 24+
- Why would you like to join a kinship: To Raid Instances and PvP
- Why choose Midgard Elites: Heard you where one of the Best PvP Kinships
- Played other MMO?: Yes i've played for Several years... oki here goes. Ultima Online, EvE, StarWarsGalaxies(Pre-CU), WoW, Havent played a PvP game as good as SWG befor but i hope Lotro can do something about that... tryed out DaoC but that game is to old now...

When i play a game i put Perfection into what i do.
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Arcrow level 42+ Hunter
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