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 New feature - tell filter

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New feature - tell filter Empty
PostSubject: New feature - tell filter   New feature - tell filter Icon_minitimeThu Oct 11, 2007 7:09 pm

Quote :
New Anti RMT Features Implemented

In today’s patch, Codemasters Online are pleased to announce that we’ve implemented some additional anti RMT /tell features.

When players log into the game, they will a new setting that they can alter within the games options screen. This new option allows them to only receive /tells from players on their Friends list or in their Kinship. This option is turned OFF by default. If you would like your /tells filtered, please check this option to enable it.

Trial accounts will always be subject to this filtering, even if a player has their /tell filtering turned off. If you or a friend are Trial account holders and you'd like to be able to use /tell in-game, you should contact each other via email, IM, or the forums and arrange to add each other to your Friends lists.

We believe this filtering will drastically reduce the amount of /tell spam our players are receiving and will improve everyone’s game play experience while playing LOTRO.

Was supposed to be coming in Bk11 but they brought it forward Smile
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New feature - tell filter
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